Let's talk Zustainability.

Ztream provides solutions for streamlining and optimizing resource management in the world of Streaming

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What does Ztream do?

Increase Availability, Lower Expenses

Ztream hands you a set of integrated features for monitoring and managing your Streaming platform with the goal to increase the Quality Of Experience while keeping expenses under control.

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Let's talk Zustainability

Think about the future

At Ztream, we think about the future. The future of your business; the future of Streaming, and the future of our planet. That's why we want every solution to be sustainable.

A Zea of possibilities

A choice to prevent wasting resources and money

Ztream Escalator will help you to manage resources, monitor and auto-scale based on what is actual for your business case.

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We got you!

Ztream works for both existing and new platforms. It can integrate with most cloud providers, and works with a wide variety of software and equipment. Now you can reduce expenses, increase control, and make an impact.

Intelligent assignment

Using metrics and algorithms that work for Streaming, Ztream Escalator intelligently assigns sources to available resources.

The result

The capacity you need, when you need it — but no wasted resources when demand is low.

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The solution for your Streaming resource management.



Ztream Escalator supports all types of scaling — reactive, scheduled, and predictive, integrates with your current or new workflow and offers API and low-/no-code options

Works with all Cloud Providers

Integrates with Streaming resources

Smart notification system

API and Control Panel

Predictive resource management

Scheduled actions